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Welcome to Collinwood®; a Fibreworks brand designed with your retail needs in mind. Collinwood Marketplace offers natural fiber rugs in standard sizes at promotional prices. Pre-selected, high-demand options simplify the retail customer experience, and provide value without compromising quality. Our vast variety of rugs are made from some of the world’s finest natural fibers, such as Sisal, Wool, Seagrass, Jute, Cheena®, and Coir. The stunning, natural beauty of these fibers is only enhanced by their environmental friendliness, as they are grown by, sustained in, and biodegradable with… nature. As a Collinwood customer, create a diverse rug bundle, explore our website for weekly selections, or choose standard size rugs from 20 different Collinwood products. All conveniently packaged and ready for retail.

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Rug Bundles

An assortment of smaller sizes ranging from 2’x3’ to 5’x8’ are categorized by fiber. Each bundle is unique and comprised completely from the Fibreworks product line.

• Cash and Carry sizes
• Mix and match sizes and/or fiber categories to create a diverse package of rugs
• Packaged and ready for retail
• Contact your Account Manager for easy order options
• 10 rug minimum

Design Your Rug

Featured Collinwood® Collections

20 Fibreworks products have been carefully selected for the Collinwood brand on a standard size rug basis only. The products in this selection do not offer customization.

Online Rug SALE

Our friends and family rug SALE! We offer Marketplace Rug Specials on a random color and pattern basis at discounted prices. The colors and patterns available represent a range of some of our best selling products, and all sales are final.

We invite all of our customers to participate in this program. Clients only need to register in the Dealer Login section of the website to participate.

• Individual rug choices
• Discounted prices
• Rug selection varies on a weekly basis
• Room size rugs
• Packaged and ready for retail

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