Hold Material

All requests for placing material on hold will be for a time limit of 48 hours. Once the “hold” expires, it is the responsibility of the customer to place an order for the material if needed. Extended holds can not be honored. Contact your Account Manager for additional information.

Cuttings for Approval

Orders that require CFA need to be confirmed within 7 days of receiving cuttings or photograph. Verification of approval is required to ship CFA orders.

Will Advise Freight Destination

Confirmed orders without shipping information will be invoiced after the order is completed and ready for shipment. It is the customers responsibility to provide shipping information.

Will Call

For confirmed orders that will be picked up at our warehouse facilities, customers will be notified that the order is ready for pick up. Orders will be invoiced upon notification that the order is ready for pick up.

Confirmed Orders Non Cancellable

Once an order is confirmed, it is non-cancellable. Contact your Account Manager for information. Certain fees may apply.

Approval Required

Some Fibreworks® patterns have manufacturing characteristics that require your approval before we fulfill your order. In most cases, these characteristics are products with excessive bowing, products that are difficult to seam, and products with color variation. Capelli leather borders, Embossed leather borders, Taj, Cheyenne, Cheena®, Durango, Diamonds, Pieterdam and others as needed.