Shipping Information

Freight Information

Approved Freight Lines

Fibreworks® will prepay shipments on Fibreworks® approved freight lines. For a list of current approved freight lines, contact your Account Manager. Approved lines may vary without notice.

All other freight line carriers must be shipped on a Third Party or Collect basis. Cross dock charges apply to other carriers. Claims, disputes and all information regarding the shipments on non approved freight lines are the customers responsibility.

Volume Quotes

For larger volumes, Fibreworks® will gladly offer a quotation providing the least cost shipping alternative.

General Shipment Information

  • Call for LTL rates out of Louisville on Approved Freight Lines.
  • Freight estimates are available for special delivery – i.e. overnight air freight.
  • Advance payment of air freight charges may apply.
  • Most shipments size 8’ x 10’ and under can be shipped UPS (certain charges may apply). Some exceptions may apply based upon UPS restrictions. Contact Fibreworks® Account Management for more information. Rugs larger than UPS size restrictions will be shipped by freight line using the Dalton Freight rates.
  • Rates are for continuous 48 states only. Call for Hawaii, Alaska, or Canadian rates.
  • Exception: North Georgia and Atlanta. Call for current rates.
  • For information on shipments made from the Anaheim, CA, or Dalton, GA warehouses, contact you Account Manager.
    Freight Claims

Additional Fees – May result on the following:

  • Call Before Delivery and Notification of Delivery requests.
  • Residential (residential areas or limited access areas may qualify as Residential) deliveries and gated communities.
  • Limited access, non-carpet stores (site delivery)
  • Lift gate service- Freight lines must receive authorization to provide lift gate service.
  • Island deliveries and deliveries requiring a ferry.
  • Oversize shipments (i.e. 16’4” wide material over 14′ long)
  • Expedited Orders
  • Rush charges may apply for expedited orders.
  • Extra UPS Services such as ‘Signature Required’ must be requested when you place your order. Unless the shipper uses a delivery confirmation service requiring a signature, UPS reserves the right to make a delivery without obtaining a signature.

Inspect Before Receiving 

Freight claims are made against the freight line, not Fibreworks®.  Please protect your interest and ours by notifying the freight line of any observed or suspected damage at the time you receive the shipment. If the proper notification is not made, Fibreworks® can not help reclaim the loss. In order to make a claim against a Freight Line for damage or incorrect quantities, the following freight line process is required.

  • Upon arrival, please inspect for damage & incorrect quantity before signing.
  • Any damage (suspected/observed) to contents should be noted on the bill of lading. Without such notice the freight line will not honor a damage claim.
  • Damage must be reported within five days for a claim against a freight line to be considered.
  • Products should not be received if there is obvious damage. Simply refuse the shipment and contact Fibreworks® immediately.
  • Photography at time of delivery is the best documentation of damage.

Residential Delivery Claims

We encourage you to make a special effort to inform your customer of the risk associated with receiving a residential deliveries. The conditions for properly filing a freight claim do not change for residential delivery, but the risk can. This is most often due to the inexperience of the resident.

Please inform your customer to be present during delivery, properly inspect., notate any observed or suspected damage on the bill of lading and instruct them to contact you as soon as possible.

Freight Claims – Photography at the time of delivery is the best documentation of damage.

Fibreworks®’ goal is to work with you to ensure that every claim related to freight damage is placed with the appropriate party and is fairly negotiated. If proper steps are followed, freight claims can be easily and fairly negotiated. Without following the proper process, freight lines will not honor a claim. Remember, when it comes to a claim for products damaged in shipping, the claim is against the freight line, not Fibreworks®. Freight lines can take up to 120 days to negotiate a claim. We cannot help you recover a loss without proper implementation of good receiving and inspection policies and proper claim processes.

Freight line damage can be segmented into three groups:

  1. Obvious Damage  Product should not be received if there is obvious damage. In the case of obvious damage, do not receive material. Simply refuse the shipment and note on the Bill of Lading ‘shipment refused, due to damage’. Be even more specific in describing the damage if possible – every detail helps. Make sure you keep a copy of the receipt and the driver has a copy with your notation on it.
    With refused shipments, Fibreworks® can immediately process a replacement order because we know that the truck line is responsible for the damaged product. Please contact your Account Manager.
  2. Possible or Suspected Damage Practically every shipment can have cause for suspicion that damage may be present. There could be dirty or torn packaging, broken or crushed core, indentations in the rug. These are all reasons to suspect damage. You must document your suspicion on the bill of lading (i.e. ‘torn and dirty wrapper, possible damage, subject to inspection’). If you do not inspect the product at the receiving time, then you have- depending on the freight line- approximately 5 days to report any damage. If you do not inspect the product within 5 days and report damage, you are waiving your fright claim rights. If damage is found, please contact your Account Manager immediately so that Fibreworks® can start to negotiate the freight claim. We may be required to get the product returned for inspection. If so, we will authorize the return by giving you a Return Authorization
  3. Concealed Damage – Occasionally you will inspect the product and receive it free and clear, but later when you open the packaging you will find ‘concealed damage.’ Concealed damage may be from several sources, such as a broken core that punctured the product, water or grease that has seeped in a hole or tear, or an abrasion from the handling process at the freight lines. A claim can be made when concealed damage is present, but it must be reported within certain time restraints. Because each freight line has different policies, we recommend you open and inspect your packaging within 5 days of receiving your rug. Outside this time frame, there is no recourse against the freight lines. Concealed damage claims have different rules for settlement than obvious or suspected damage. Claims are usually negotiated at 1/3 of the cost of shipment. We may be required to have the product returned for inspection. If so, we will authorize the return by giving you a Return Authorization.

We will do all we can to help negotiate a claim when we are properly notified (our ability to help will vary depending if the shipment is prepaid or collect).

Damaged Cores

One of the most recurring freight damage problems has been material damaged due to broken cores.

Our research indicates three main reasons for broken cores: 1) fork lift poles that are too short to support the length of the carpet 2) fork lifts that are driven too fast, causing the carpet to bounce and subsequently to break the core 3) use of unloading equipment other than carpet poles.

In many cases shipments are received ‘free and clear’ when the cores are broken in many places. Broken cores can create creases and stretch marks in the carpet, that in most cases make the material unusable. Any evidence that the carpet is limp or has a sharp angle should be noted on the bill of lading as obvious or suspected damage.

The freight companies have fair claim processes regarding notated damage or suspected damage. If no notation is made, at best they will pay 1/3 of the cost, based on the assumption that the manufacturer, the shipper or the receiver could have been responsible for the damage. The best protection is to look carefully at the core at receiving.

50/50 Settlement Offer

Our claim settlement goal is to move all disputes to a rapid and fair conclusion. Generally, where there is an obvious “root” fault, or a clear responsible party, we ask the party at fault to be accountable for the claim. When there is no clear evidence of fault, or when a misunderstanding occurs that is challenging, we again strive to be as fair as possible.

The Fibreworks 50/50 remake or replacement off er is a standard off er put together in an effort to help our customers when no other recourse is available. Claim negotiations can be difficult, and
sometimes result in a winner/loser argument. We want to promote the idea of partnership.
The idea of 50/50 initially started with freight lines who off er a “1/3, 1/3, 1/3” claim settlement. We had such favorable response, we made it part of our policy for all claims. With freight lines, a “concealed damage” settlement off er is 1/3. When there is no clear fault, the freight line takes the position that they handled the material for a third of the total sale. The manufacturer and dealer are the other 2/3’s. Product damage occurs at many levels: manufacturing, wholesale, freight, customer, installation, and end user. It can truly be a “mystery wrapped in an enigma.” Hours of strife/anxiety should not be spent over damaged carpet and rugs.

50/50 is based simply on numbers. For example, a $1000 original purchase, plus a 50% remake, equals the total cost of $1500 (plus freight). If the sale is $1500, any price above is still profit for our customer. At 50% off , Fibreworks does not attempt to make margin. 50/50 is a fair outcome.

Other settlement options are available. For example: hire an independent inspector and agree to their findings. However, this option only increases expenses and creates a winner/loser. It is not
always the best outcome between partners.
For more information on the freight claims process, or our Freight Damage Remake program, contact your Account Manager 1-800-843-0063 (press 2).