Bordered Area Rug Characteristics

Because our floor coverings are woven from Natural Fibers, they have normal irregularities that are considered part of their charm. Variations in weave and shading, for example, create a distinctive, interesting character that makes natural fiber floor coverings unique. What you won’t find anywhere is a perfect natural fiber floor covering.

  • All rugs are individually custom fabricated from broadloom carpet rolls.
  • Cuts are generally made by following the valley of the ribs and along the buried thread. Rugs can be slightly out of square when cut due to the natural imperfections of the roll.
  • The variation in size and texture of natural fibers, such as seagrass, will often result in an irregular weave. This means that rug edges will not be perfectly straight.
  • Rugs may not be perfectly straight
  • Some materials have greater bowing or skewing than others due to the nature of the material. Rugs made from these materials will be cut as square as possible, and may require ‘jumping ribs’. This is not a border application error.
  • Pattern may be horizontal or vertical due to the size of the rugs or the material.
  • In some areas, backing may not extend to the edges of the rug to achieve the exact size.
  • Never pull rugs by the border.
  • Rugs may be rolled face in or face out depending on border application. Rugs with hand sewn mitered corners will usually be rolled face in to reduce stress on the miter.
  • Like any textile, roll up and shipping may cause borders to wrinkle. After unwrapping, and allowing to relax, carefully iron the border with medium heat and no steam. Adjust heat as needed. Do not iron leather, suede, Sunbrella®, or jute braid borders.
  • Newly opened rugs with latex backing may have the scent of ammonia. This will dissipate within 24-48 hours.
    The shedding of loose fibers is normal, it’s actually a natural result of the process used to create wool rugs. When a rug is produced it goes through a combing process which helps remove short and broken fibers. However, some of these fibers fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’. The effect can vary depending on the material type. The excess fiber is only a small fraction of the total fiber contained in the rug. Shedding is a very common expectation in dealing with hand tufted and shaggy rugs. However even with this process in place it’s impossible to prevent it from shedding. Regular vacuuming and proper care will help diminish the shedding over time.

A note about cutting rugs…Please be advised we can not hold tight tolerance when cutting natural fiber rugs. Large rugs can weigh as much as 400 pounds. The ability to hold and turn large rugs can be difficult, making it hard to keep tight tolerance on rug dimensions. The dimensions can be off as much as 1/2”.