Natural Characteristics

Natural fiber floor coverings are woven from plant and animal fibers and tend to have irregularities that are considered normal because they occur in nature. Weave and shading irregularities are
inherent in the fiber and the manufacturing process, so you should expect to find them. What you will not find anywhere is a perfect natural fiber floor covering. These irregularities provide
distinctive, interesting character that makes each natural fiber carpet unique.

Fibers that were tied off in the manufacturing process.

Short fibers that were tucked in during the manufacturing process. Seagrass, jute, and hemp are short fibers. During handling, they sprout. Clipping sprouts is recommended.

Variation in Loop Size
Carpets made of natural fibers may have irregular yarns that can create the appearance of a variance in loop size (warp or weft yarns). Variations of either thick or thin yarns within 50% of normal are allowed.

Shedding of Loose Fibers is Normal
It is a natural result of the process used to create carpets. When floor coverings are produced, a combing process occurs, which helps remove short and broken fibers. However, some fibers fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’. The shedding can vary depending on the material type.

Irregularity in the Ribs
Some ribs will be closer together, some farther apart.

Pattern Ribs
Ribs of a pattern can be horizontal or vertical due to the size of the rug or material. In some areas, backing may not extend to the edges of the rug to achieve an exact size.

Industry standard allows up to 2% bowing of woven broadloom carpet (includes woven jacquard and woven wilton). Bowing should be taken into consideration when planning for a seam. Due to construction and the unique nature of the fiber, some collections have bowing tolerances over 2%. Contact your supplier for more information.

Color Changes
Natural fibers eventually return to their original color. Bleached products darken over time, and dyed fibers fade. Avoid direct sunlight.

Color Variance
Showroom samples may not match current inventory. Roll differences are more significant with natural fibers than with synthetic ones. Materials from different rolls are seldom the exact same color.

Color variance lines are normal in natural fiber carpet because color variances occur naturally.

Foreign Yarns
This occurs when fibers from previous production find their way into the current yarn. This is due to the nature of the fiber, collection process, and weaving process. Foreign yarn is common in all natural fiber products.

Expansion & Contraction
The hydroscopic nature of natural fibers means they adjust to environmental conditions, they are constantly moving. Loose-lay for 24 hours in the room in which it will be installed, and at the temperature it will typically experience. This allows the fibers to acclimate to their new surroundings.

Visible Seams
These are normal, even when seaming is done well.

For Indoor Use Only
Natural fiber products should not be used in areas where moisture is present or ventilation is inadequate.

Residential Use
All products are recommended for residential use only unless otherwise specified.