Green Statement

At Fibreworks®, we have an everyday commitment to impacting our environment as little as possible. Of course, since most of our beautifully textured floor coverings are made from renewable resources, being eco-friendly is simply in our nature.
Natural fiber rugs are sustainable, biodegradable and the environmentally responsible choice for helping to preserve our planet for generations to come.

Here are some of the reasons why we can call ourselves Fibreworks®

A durable plant fiber harvested from the mature leaves of the agave sisalana plant. Since most weeding is done by hand, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in sisal production.

Harvested from the skin, or bast, of the jute plant. Jute is sustainably grown, pollution-free and completely biodegradable.

Extracted from the skin of the coconut fruit, which is cured by the sun and spun into yarn. Whatever can’t be used for food or for coir yarn gets combined with other organic materials and used as compost in soil treatment.

This natural fiber is non-porous and comes in a naturally beautiful range of pale green and gold that mellow over time. Seagrass rugs are never treated with dye, so they’re a great choice for those with chemical sensitivities.

Sheared from the coat of a sheep and naturally durable, renewable and biodegradable and much more environmentally sound than petroleum based options, like nylon.

Natural Carpet Backings
Some of our most common backings include jute, natural latex, and natural rubber. Natural rubber and latex backings are extracted from the Havea rubber tree and unlike synthetic latex, natural latex is not produced by chemical polymerization.