Care, Cleaning and Vacuuming

General Care
The best care you can give your natural fiber floor covering is regular, thorough vacuuming. For best results, vacuum from different directions, making several passes over the area. Heaviest traffic areas require the most attention and should receive regular vacuuming to reduce soil build-up and prolong the beauty and life of the floor covering.

General Vacuuming Advice
Please ensure that your vacuum beater bar is properly adjusted. Damage to the carpet fibers can occur if the brushes of the vacuum are set too low. We recommend the head of the vacuum be adjusted so that the brushes barely touch the face of the carpet. Do not use a vacuum that automatically adjusts, as it will adjust too low and damage fibers.

Always test a vacuum and vacuuming technique first. We do not know how every product will react to every vacuum or vacuuming technique and cannot be responsible for damage caused by vacuuming. Some vacuums should not be used, as they will cause excess fuzzing or sprouting of the fibers.

Cleaning Your Carpet Or Border
Never saturate your carpet with water or cleaner; this will stain it. Any method that involves saturation with water, such as steam cleaning, hot water extraction or wet shampooing should NOT be used. These methods can cause shrinkage, dimensional changes, and staining of natural fibers.

When liquid spills occur, blot up (do not rub) immediately with a clean, dry, undyed cloth. If the spilled material is solid, scrape up what you can with a dull edge spatula.

Dry extraction methods of cleaning spills and stains are recommended, such as the Host® Dry
Carpet Cleaning System or similar. For information on the Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning System, visit

Always test the cleaning method to insure that color is not affected. Test in a small, concealed area first.

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