How to Unpack Your Rug

Welcoming Your Rug

1. Newly Manufactured Rug
Rug laying flat immediately after production and prior to packaging and shipping.

2. Prepared for Packaging
The rug is carefully rolled on a core before final packaging .

3. Opening Your Rug
The stress of rolling and shipping will produce waves in the material. After the rug has been carefully opened, lay rug on a completely flat surface and allow to settle and relax approximately 24 to 48 hours to its original form.

4. Training the Corners of Your Rug
Rugs may be rolled face in or face out, depending on the border application. Lay rug on a flat surface and loosely fold the edge under. Allow 24-48 hours for rug to train.

5. Relaxed New Rug
The rug will lay flat after it is allowed to settle and relax to original form. Allow approximately 24-48 hours before placing furniture on it.

6. Additional Maintenance
Like any textile, roll up and shipping may cause borders to wrinkle. If the border is still wrinkled after unwrapping, and allowing to relax, carefully iron the border with medium heat and no steam. Adjust heat as needed. Do not iron leather, suede, Sunbrella®, or jute braid borders.

7. Do not Pull Your Rug by the Bordered Edges, Damage May Occur

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